"EGBERE" as commonly called by Yoruba Diminutive Glome.

Gnome is a small creature like a small man, with a pointed hat, who lives under the ground, guard gold and precious things. Yoruba adage says "eni t'oba f'oju Ana W'oku, Ebora a Bo laso.

"EGBERE" as commonly called by Yoruba mythology has a spirited powerful mat called "Eni egbere. According to Yoruba people's believe it makes one rich beyond imagination.
Gnome is essentially an African version of the leprechauns. Reputed to carry a mat that if stolen, would make the bearer extremely rich, (same way the Irish dreamed of stealing the leprechauns pot of riches) always crying like a baby.
It is said to be a malevolent spirit with a small stature, Known for carrying a mat of wealth wherever it goes, and the mat is carved by diminutive Glome, which is said to take months or years to carve and it is believed to be a unique one. The Yoruba people believe is that if you steal the mat, the spirit of the gnome will follow you around for days, wailling to give back the mat you stoled, but if you can ignore and stand all that for the said period of time you become very rich, that's part of the myth.
Habitually they use to be in remote forest, where only strong hunters can reach.
The Question now is do they still exist?
If you could ask me, I will say yes, but you can't find them close, due to civiliz ation.
"EGBERE" as commonly called by Yoruba Diminutive Glome. "EGBERE" as commonly called by Yoruba Diminutive Glome. Reviewed by on January 14, 2019 Rating: 5

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  1. I and 2 other friends saw it at night in a forest opening on a path directly next to an expresway leading out of Yourubaland's spiritual city, Ile Ife . It's physical anatomy defies western ways of perception and description. The year of the sighting was 1987. These creatures really do exist. I don't belteve in ghosts or spirits or aliens from outer space as I've never seen them with my own two eyes. On this night, there were two extra sets of eyes present and we all knew what we saw briefly before instantly taking to our heels. I am a British national.



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